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Knock off!


As I embarked on this journey to knock myself off. I looked though my blog from start  which was  January of this year to the present. One piece stuck out to me…gosh I hate to re-post this but here I go:


Do you remember this journal page???? It was one of my first attempts of do a person. Using my word for this year.  ACHIEVE.

Here is how much I have grown 🙂 Here is my do over!


The knock off is much better than my first attempt. I have a little more confidence in myself. I am proud of myself for being so brave to show off my work. I know I have a long ways to go but I am HAPPY at how far I have come!

I want to Thank Nancy for the sweet Circle of Friends Award! I know I am suppose to choose 5 people, but I just can’t do it. So, I tag you all that take the time to stop in a visit me!


Have a wondreful day! Thanks so much for stopping in!



15 thoughts on “Knock off!”

  1. That is so cool Kim… you’ve grown in 7 short months. I think it’s fun to revisit the past, not live in it, but learn and go forward. I like both journal pages, they are both unique and true to your ‘space’ in time!

  2. You should be so proud of yourself and way to go!!! It is fun to see our progress and is all part of the journey 🙂

  3. Wow, you really did a bang up job. I can see you really have caught onto doing this style. Your work is always such a delight to view! Congratulations on your award. It went to the perfect person!

  4. Great knock off. I have no idea why, but knock yourself off makes me giggle. It sounds so funny to me. Love the remake and the original.

  5. Love them both! Even though you had the same “theme” they are both very different, but fabulous!

  6. oh my gosh!! Kim…I love them both!!!!! No way can I pick a “better” one. They both are fab.

  7. WOW – I love your new work. However, your earlier piece is cute too!!!

  8. kim – bravo for being brave! thanks for showing your before and after and for taking on the challenge to knock yourself off!

  9. Nothing wrong with the first page, but I do like the redo better, too. It’s fun to see how we grow. Great crusade entry!

  10. I like ’em both – for me the second is different to the first, but not necessarily better. Sounds like you’re having fun growing in your art. I’m glad for you.

  11. I can see how you’re getting so much more comfortable with paint! Very nicely done!

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