Mixed Media Monday

“Come fly with me”

That is the theme this week at Mixed Media Monday! Not sure why but I had a hard time with this one. I think part of it was that I wanted to do something different, something I haven’t done in a while! So, I end up doing an 8 x 8 canvas! You all know that this is HUGE  size for me!


Hope everyone is having a good week! Next week is the ink spots spring break. He is getting really exicted about having sometime off to just hang out! I am too!

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Collage, Stitching, Wax

If I only had wings…

Last week I got Kelly Rae’s Robert’s book Taking Flight, I got it for 50% off at Joann’s with a coupon. So each day I have been reading some of it and trying some of the new things in it. Today I want to show you the wings. I have always loved wings. I have to say the wings are pretty easy to make and I think they look great.

As I continued on with my shape theme of stars. I just randomly stitched stars on some really cheap fabric! I am so in search of some nice stitching fabric!!!! Oh anyway, then I made it into the puffy heart and add the wings but sewing them on the back. Finally adding a banner. I glued that on with Heavy gel medium 🙂


This next piece I am so proud of! This is so silly and a random fact about me. Maybe this is to embarrassing and I should not say it…throwing caution to the wind- here I go.  In middle school I cheated in Industrial Education! There I said it! I CHEATED!!!! We had to make this wooden frame picture- I took it home and my Dad did it all for me! I was afarid of those power tools well not anymore!!!!!  I have love working on wood since I started working with wax. When I was at Hobby Lobby I got a 4 x4 title of wood- 2 for $1. This is what I used for my next piece. Now you are wondering why I am proud of myself ?- well to attach the wings I- YES ME- used Mr. Ink’s drill press to  make the wholes! I did a perfect job 🙂 I added wax to the top of this piece! It is just so yummy!


Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks so much for stopping in!