The Next Step, Wax

Coffee makes cents

Did you hear about this new challenge blog…The Next Step? They show a technique that is the  challenge each month. You even have the chance to win a prize!

The technique this month is painting using Stamps as a guide:

I did an 8 x 8 canvas.

Here are the stamps I used:


Here is my canvas:





-oil pastels

-crackle paint


-ebony pencil

-charcoal pencil

-vintage book

-vintage dress pattern


Does Coffee make cents to you? LOL! Are you one of the people that love the scent of coffee but don’t drink it? I LOVE COFFEE! Start every day with it! Nothing better than a starbucks date! SMILE!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a wonderful day!



12 thoughts on “Coffee makes cents”

  1. WOWZA! Girl, you blow me away! This is absolutely AMAZING! Thanks so much for playing along. Your artwork is so inspirational to me! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  2. Fabulous!! I love your texture and layering with the beeswax!!

    Great idea to use the technique for painting your title!!

    Thanks for playing along at The Next Step this month! You are our first entry!!


  3. Cool! I know I asked you before… do you give these canvases away, or sell them? Or do you keep them for inspiration? I really, really like looking at your collage work… it’s funtastic… still… I’m not sold if it’s my thing to create and piece things… but love looking at what you create!

  4. I sure wish we lived close enough to one another so you could give me art lessons! I just love all of your collage work and would love to be able to create one myself!

  5. I just found you, I bookmarked you to check out all your art. Love what I see here. Also, I didn’t know about the challenge website, I will check that out too.

  6. Gorgeous work! I love the smell of coffee and even coffee flavored ice cream, but I don’t drink it. Silly I guess. The art journal is amazing and I love those family photos. Frame worthy. Best of luck on your new adventure. I just know it will be good whatever you choose.

  7. I haven’t been to your blog in a while but I am so glad to find it again…really love the way you did this challenge. Your blog is on my desktop now!

  8. Smarten up gf!! Stop showing me up–LOL. Don’t I sound like a broken record?! LOL. Awesome piece. Your layering is so good. I hope I can get good one day. Guess you’ll be buying lots of blue for Julie’s projects, eh?! Glad to see you’re getting so much enjoyment out of challenges.

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