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Oh Mama…

This weekend has been totally amazing! I got to spend all day yesterday ( 12 + hours) with a few of my close friends having some art time! To top it off I won a rolling tote (insert screaming and jumped up and down)! I worked on a mini album that was a gift for Grandma J for Mother’s Day!


Once, I got home the boys had to give me my Mother’s Day present early! They got me a pair of Opal earrings and THE MAGIC BULLET ! (insert silly crazy dancing) I have wanted the MB for all lone time! So, they made me a rita! OH soooo yummy!

Then early this am…Grandma J was trying to be sneaky and bring me flowers, candy, andΒ  a card! However I seen her coming! So we ran out and got coffee and donuts! Perfect start to my day!


Then we went fishing


NONE caught

Then we went Morel mushroom hunting:


Then I got the BRIGHT idea to do a video for Julie’s amazing class that is coming up- Layer Love since she is giving away free tuition for it!

****WARNING – this was my first time using the video camera and trying to edit it*********

Hopefully all you ladies out there had a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in!



12 thoughts on “Oh Mama…”

  1. Absolutely hillarious–esp if one has already watched crazy Julies video. This one fits into her humour sooooooo well. I laughed so hard after watching it–even the credits were hillarious! Glad your Mother’s Day was nice. I followed the link and saw your kitchen ware you got. Never heard of it before.

  2. Wow! What a great weekend for you! It sounds as if you had a wonderful weekend! You deserve one, don’t ya think? Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff!

  3. So glad to see you had a a great Mothers day! Your album looks fab, and the video cracked me up,,especially teh credits! lol

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