Collage, Photography, Wax


This time of year, I have many wishes…

5 x7 inch wooden panel cover in beeswax

I wish for Spring, I have enjoyed winter but ready to see green grass and plants blooming. The ink spots are ready for spring too! They both got new bikes this weekend.


Ben on the Green Machine III

Then we got some bad news about Lycos (MIL dog). He has bone cancer. Today they are amputating his leg. Please keep him in your doggie prayers.

My next huge wish is that they would find a cure for CANCER! I lost a former student that worked in my office when I worked at Beloit College to Cancer. Jimmy and I both left BC at the same time- he graduated and I became a SAHM. Over the years Jimmy and I have remain in close contact! Jimmy, I will miss you! Election time will not be the same without you! 26 years old is way to young to lose someone! xox

What are you all wishing for right now? Thanks for stopping in! Your comments brighten my day!


12 thoughts on “Wishes….”

  1. Oh K. Biggest hugs to you.

    Your friend was my age, which hits home even more. May he be in peace and I hope that your pup will be back and at em’ soon after his surgery. xoxoxox

  2. beautiful art Kim. I’m sending you big hugs, it is so hard to lose a friend, especially at such a young age. I’m sending up payers for the dogie..a cutie, by the way. I too am wishing for spring.

  3. Nice work Kim. You know how I feel about the cancer thing, especially after losing my Dad. Sorry to hear about your friend and lycos too. Hugs!

  4. Wishing that all your wishes come true! Spring, nothing like riding your bike with your bulky winter coat on…. ah, I remember those days!! Pink and orange, my new fav color combo….

  5. I’ve missed you. I hope all your wishes come true. Saying prayers for Lycos, you and me. I hope you can find peace and comfort during this time of loss.
    The boys look wonderful.
    I wish there would be more happy news in our world today.

  6. Lovely panel. Puppy dog hugs. Sorry for your loss. I wish your wishes come true.

  7. Love your art. Wishing for everyone’s wishes to come true. Hugs for you.

  8. Oh Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about your MIL dog and your friend. I too wish for a cure for all cancers. THe boy look great on their bikes, looks like they’re having a blast!

  9. Ok, K, I’m so very sorry. What a tragic day all around for you. Sending hugs. The inkspots look so happy on their new bikes, though. The art is perfect, grey with that little bit of purple hope.

  10. Oh my. I’m so sorry to hear your MIL dog is having surgery, and that you lost your close friend. Sending hugs and prayers.

  11. What a fantastic piece of art Kim so sorry about your friend that is way to young to leave this world I wish also they find a cure.
    The boys look very happy with their new wheels tell them I said spring is on it’s way.

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