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Got a cape?

This week the theme at Mixed Media Monday is HEROS! I really thought long and hard about it. Of course the first thing that came to mind was super heros. Every day at 4:30pm we watch our favorite super hero Wordgirl! LOL! Then I started to think about the true heros in my life! The biggest hero in my life was my Gram. She was kind, smart, was never afraid to tell it like she seen it, and would help anyone.  Since, I do not have one photo of my Gram….I went back to the drawing board. I started to think about how amazing my kids are, they have a lot of the same characteristics my Gram had. I just know that they are going do lots of wonderful things. They give me strength and courage to try new things and grow.  So, now I had an idea I could work with. I started to think about this book I had checked out at the library this week Mixed Media Mosaics.  Then as luck would have Micheal’s had polymer clay on sale for 99 cents a pack. I had a frame to use. Total  cost of this project is about $4.00

So here it my project:


Frame and photo


Close-up for tiles

Each tile is handmade out of polymer clay. I used white then colored with my Prismacolor markers.

Colors of Markers used:

PM-24 Yellow Chartreuse

PM-43 Indigo Blue

PM-15 Yellow Orange

PM-19 Canary Yellow

PM-123 Spanish Orange

PM-32 Parrot Green

PM-153 Pumpkin Orange

PM-14 Pale Vermillion

PM-98 Black

I added some details to the tiles then  sealed the tiles with varnish. After doing this mosaic I have lot of ideas floating around in my head! We will see what comes of them. Nothing today I am sure, Sam is still sick and very sad that he couldn’t go to school!

Thanks so much for stopping in. All you comments mean the world to me! Remember to stop by tomorrow- I will have some blog candy to help celebrate my SIL birthday!



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17 thoughts on “Got a cape?”

  1. This is great! I loved how you used the polymer as tiles. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim, that frame is absolutely beautiful! What a treasure you have made!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Kim!!! This is fab, fab, fab. Did I say fab already? You are such a creative lady.

  4. WOW What a lot of work!! Great frame!! I’ve been seeing that book a lot lately in blogland…

  5. This is a fantastic piece. I really love the bright colors and text on the tiles. I also love the inclusion of a couple cartoon superheroes along with the real heroes — your children.

  6. Your tiles are fabulous!!! Each one is a little work of art, in and of itself!

  7. Kim, what a beautiful idea to honour your children! The frame is simply wonderful – I own that book, but haven’t gotten around to making anything from it as yet – you’ve inspired me to get moving though 🙂 Diane

  8. The colors are fab-u-lous!! Creativity and feelings combined….wow!

    So weird and fun now to have digital cameras… we can take pictures of anything and everything EVERY DAY… so easy… years ago to have film and process it, wasn’t that easy to do and it cost a lot of money… keep creating memories.

  9. This is wonderful and so creative! and such a tribute to your family…I love it!! Thanks for your comments as well..

  10. Your frame is gorgeous. It looks like it took days and days. I love all the colors and imbedded texture.

    Your new stamp is so perfect. He reminds me of the tinman.

  11. Hi, I’m just popping in from Dina’s Official Blog List
    Wow those tiles are fabulous. What a great work of art.

  12. this is so great!!! I never knew you could color is with alcohol markers …. it is soooo vibrant! This picutre of the kids is great too. I love how every tile is different!!!

  13. Fantastic collage! I love looking at each tile…what wonderful coloring!

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