I finally think Spring is here in WI! I have no more snow in my yard! The grass looks a little green! It rained all day yesterday! Spring to me always means growth. I have really been trying to grow to ACHIEVE new things in my art life. I have been taking some online classes. Right, now I am taking a banner and garland class.  I think the hardest thing about trying something new is maintaining your OWN style and not trying to be like the person teaching you. Get what I mean??? I have been trying really hard to make everything I do mine.

Here is my first banner for my class:


In this banner I used 4 x 6 inch chipboard that I gesso and watercolored. I also used an old book that has the stages for a how a butterfly grows on them.

Here are a couple of close-ups



What are you doing to grow???

Thanks for stopping in! Have a wonderful HUMP day!



10 thoughts on “Growth”

  1. This banner is really lovely! We still have plenty of snow here… it’s melting slowly 🙂

  2. At least you realize that you should be trying to incorporate your own style:) I see people selling paintings after they take a class and they look just like the teachers…eek! I like your banner!!
    I too am using spring to make some changes. I’m trying to be more of a people person and share my art directly.
    Enjoy your day Kim!!

  3. I totally think you did capture your style with this. It’s fantstic, different and fun, but definately says “KIM made this”

  4. Your banner is beautiful. I totally get what you mean about keeping your own style. I can’t say grow is my middle name because it’s my last name already. LOL. I have been trying to make things that I like. And, I’ve been trying my hand at sewing projects.

  5. I love your banner. It is very spring to me even if it isnt too pretty outside today. What am I doing to grow? Hmmm…. I think having committed to doing this year long Bead Journal Project has forced me to grow even if I dont want to…lol! I am stretching my imagination and learning new techniques to try to think outside the box. Maybe thats my way of growing? I completely understand you wanting to be sure your projects still represent “YOU” I feel the same way and think thats why i cant bring myself to finish December. Its just not “ME” and the style I like. Still really iffy on it. Hugs.

  6. Love it …. the flowers turned out wonderful and I recognize those chipboard letters 😉

    Great Job!

  7. Such true words about classes. I may be too free with my classes, but I want all the students to go home with their own designs. I teach the technique and then encourage them to make their own style. I totally get what you are saying.

    I have a spring thing in mind that I just need to do it. Your banner is fantastic.

  8. You are unstoppable; always coming up with cool projects from those boatload of classes you take. Your banner is so cute. Cute, cute, cute! What am I doing to grow. Not much really.

  9. Very cute! Looks like you put a lot of work into this! See, that butterfly book thing is a great metaphor for birth, regrowth, stunning beauty… but in a tiny little package!

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