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Laugh and giggles! Balloon Tennis ROCKS!!!



Hope everyone is having a good week! Thanks for stopping in!



7 thoughts on “SMILES”

  1. We still love balloons in our house…. there are so many things to do with… well except when the dog gets one!! Yikes

    Love the saying, I would like to laugh that much!

  2. Looks like fun. Can I come over and play 😉

    I like your statement. It sounds so strong and forceful. Perhaps I should live a little more 😉

  3. I think we should all live by this one every day! Wouldn’t things be so much better if we did??? Great piece! 🙂

  4. K, how did your boys get so tall?!! Thanks for stopping by CatTales and ENJOY October and Halloween on a Saturday-yea!!! Have fun sweetie pie 🙂
    Hugs to you,

  5. Love your picture at the top of this post GF and what a wonderful sentiment your son looks like he is having so much fun do you think he would let me play;-)

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