Micheal and Jacqui’s wedding was just gorgeous! They did things a little different NO clanking of the glasses to get them to kiss. They requested you share a story about one of them to get them to kiss! My Mother in Law talked about how she got pulled over with Micheal in the car when we did a controlled burn at the farm for the forestry project. She was speeding and talked he way out of a speeding ticket. Micheal on the other hand has never been able to talk his way out of a ticket and she was giving him a hard time about it.  Well, on our way home Mr. Ink got pulled over and talked his way out of a speeding ticket!  I guess his Mom taught him right!

The rest of the way home I took photos with my little Sony! The area around where I spent my summers with my Grandparents was hard to go by. Lots of good and horrilbe memories all in one! I was very emotionally thinking of how things had changed- not sure if some of the changes are good or bad but things are the way they are. I have to be a peace with that!





Have a great night! Thanks for stopping in!



4 thoughts on “Remember…..”

  1. gorgeous! I remember that area from my drive a few weeks ago. Glad that you had a good time. Love all of the Fall colors … must have been a beautiful drive!

  2. Great images! Beautiful fall trees and round bales. Glad you had a safe trip.

  3. Oh Kim your photo’s are breathtaking especially the top one and I love the turning of the trees ours are really starting to turn will probably be sharing some of my own next week.

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