Mixed Media Monday, Photography

Simple Memo:

This week the theme at Mixed Media Monday is PINK! When I think of pink,  I think of Breast Cancer Awareness Pink ribbons. Don’t forgot to get your annual girlie exam!


8 x8 panel board acrylic painting

I hope and pray they find a cure for cancer soon. Because it is on thing that I will shout from the top of my lungs that I HATE!!!!!

One more thing before I call it a night! Ohhhh RAAAATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!



Thanks so much for stopping in! Your support means the world to me!



11 thoughts on “Simple Memo:”

  1. Beautiful Kim and I love how you have added the butterflies on your art and when they find that cure I will shout with you GF

  2. Wonderful piece of art, Kim! And those rats are adorable! Diane

  3. I had a rat when I was a little older than your kiddos. Pat the rat. Kind of creep me out now, but you’re a cool mom. Love love love the collage piece. Not a fan of the c word here either. I’d be a happy camper if nobody ever said that word again.

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