From the wood shop…

Yesterday, I sent part of the day in playing in the “shop”.  It all started out by joining a one on one ornament swap. So, I was search the net for ornament ideas. Well, I came across the cutest snowman. It was made out of wood. Looking at the list of supplies- she used a jig saw to cut out her snowman.  At this point- I started writing letters to Mr. Ink to be delivered by the youngest ink spot. My heart sank when the note came back NO JIG SAW.  So, I put my idea on the back burned for a while and of course I got sick.  While I was laying around I started to do sketches for ornaments I wanted to make. Talked to Mr. Ink about how I could cut out my shapes with out a jig saw.  Yesterday was the day I got new blades for the band saw- that made it work like a jig saw (ok it can’t make super tight curves). Mr. Ink put the new blade in for me. Showed me how to use it and off I went.  I have to say in the back of my mind I keep thinking of Mr. Prom my wood shop teacher from middle school and how I cheated on my wood shop project.  Gosh, I was silly- the band saw was a ton of fun!

Here is what I came up with. They are not finished…. I think they need some wax yet. I have some on order!




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9 thoughts on “From the wood shop…”

  1. Kim, I think these ornaments are adorable, and I know the person you are sending them to will also love them. You did a great job on cutting out the wood and painting them.

  2. way cool!!! I am super proud of you!! I do all my cutting with my band saw. you can also use matt clear spray paint as a top coat.

  3. They are Fabulous!!!! Makes me want to get a jigsaw/band saw but I’m too fond of my fingers & wish to keep them. Pretty Awesome ornies!!!

  4. Well..happy to see thatyou’re feeling better to get into the shop! And I LOVE how your shapes are freeform cut..not cookie cutter. Well done!

  5. Oh ya, those say “Kim” all over them! Glad to see you doing what makes your heart sing! These would make awesome gifts for the ink spot teachers. Awesome job.

  6. I’m always to afraid to cut stuff myself and I’m not equip for that either!! I’m really impressed! This are great!!

  7. Ooh, LOVE this new adventure of yours! AWESOME!!!!! These ornaments are perfect!

  8. Holey Moley GF do these rock or what I love them and I know your partner will also.

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