As many of you know Christmas is a very hard Holiday for me, but this year I have been hit with the Holiday bug. I am working on wooden ornaments like a mad woman.  Of course, I also have a couple of swaps  that are due this month too! So, I worked on my 12 days of Christmas charm swap! I have 5 golden rings! I used my scraps of wood.



Each day I am learning many new things about working with wood! It is amazing and so much fun!

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From the wood shop…

Yesterday, I sent part of the day in playing in the “shop”.  It all started out by joining a one on one ornament swap. So, I was search the net for ornament ideas. Well, I came across the cutest snowman. It was made out of wood. Looking at the list of supplies- she used a jig saw to cut out her snowman.  At this point- I started writing letters to Mr. Ink to be delivered by the youngest ink spot. My heart sank when the note came back NO JIG SAW.  So, I put my idea on the back burned for a while and of course I got sick.  While I was laying around I started to do sketches for ornaments I wanted to make. Talked to Mr. Ink about how I could cut out my shapes with out a jig saw.  Yesterday was the day I got new blades for the band saw- that made it work like a jig saw (ok it can’t make super tight curves). Mr. Ink put the new blade in for me. Showed me how to use it and off I went.  I have to say in the back of my mind I keep thinking of Mr. Prom my wood shop teacher from middle school and how I cheated on my wood shop project.  Gosh, I was silly- the band saw was a ton of fun!

Here is what I came up with. They are not finished…. I think they need some wax yet. I have some on order!




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My charmsters group is doing a Halloween Charm Swap. Of course, I signed right up!

Here is my charm: It’s about the size of a penny


Supplies: Polymer clay, prismacolor markers, glitter, and vanish


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What do you spy?

I have been working really hard on my art. I got some new business plans! I am so excited, today I should receive a shipment of fun! I know I am not giving you much details right now- in due time I will!

One of the yahoo groups,  I belong to was doing a stamped metal charm swap. I just had to join in the fun! Here is my charm:


Next, I want to ask you to take a look at what my sweet step-duaghter gave me and ask you to  tell me what you think it is?


View 1


view 2


View 3


I totally love it, Leighia! I am putting it in my studio!

I can’t wait to see what you all think my gift is 🙂 Thanks for taking time to stop in to see me!



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How was your New Years? We had a fun time just hanging out and playing games.


Sam and Ben

Today I started off the New Year finishing up an ATC Swap- the theme was EYES!


I share my studio with my kitty Jinkers. We generally have a fight over my chair. LOL I think he has the most beautiful eyes. What do you think?


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