As many of you know Christmas is a very hard Holiday for me, but this year I have been hit with the Holiday bug. I am working on wooden ornaments like a mad woman.  Of course, I also have a couple of swaps  that are due this month too! So, I worked on my 12 days of Christmas charm swap! I have 5 golden rings! I used my scraps of wood.



Each day I am learning many new things about working with wood! It is amazing and so much fun!

Thanks for stopping in. I enjoy your comments!



7 thoughts on “Golden”

  1. How did you frame your pictures like this?!?!?! LOVE IT. I like your charm! HAve a great day Kim!

  2. I’m always amazed…is there anything you can’t do? Wood, jewelry, stamps, painting…love this charm.

  3. Thanks so much Julie! I am having a blast with the band saw! Each day trying something new! Learn different golden products on the the wood with water colors gives a different effect and textures!


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