Today is my oldest ink spot Birthday! Sammy turns 7 today! It seems so hard to believe  7 years have passed!  Sam is a wonderful, sweet, caring , smart boy. That makes me laugh and giggle 🙂 I am so proud of you! Love you, Bug!

Birthday waffles

Watch out Spielberg here comes Sam!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We have lots going on this weekend! Mr. Ink leaves for Deer Hunting and I get an art date with the BFF! I can’t wait! Also Grama and Grandpa leave on their cruise tomorrow morning. I want to wish them a safe and fun trip! That means we will have a visitor (Lycos, the Border Collie) for the next 27 days.

Thanks so much for stopping in!


6 thoughts on “Jazzed”

  1. Happy Birthday Sam!! Sending you lots of hugs and kisses xoxox.

    Goodness, this time last year you showed off your awesome iced cooking for Mr Ink’s deer hunting season. None this year? 😉

  2. Happy BIRTH-ing day to Kim & Sam!!! cute pics. sorry, won’t be in Mad town… I’m not following where there are conventions, and fairs and card making/scrappin palloozas…. enjoy your time with Chelsea!

  3. Happy Birthday Sam! Birthday waffles are a great way to start your birthday! Hope you had a great day! (PS Hi Kim!)

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