I am so thankful so many things in my life:

First and foremost MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS! They are the reason I get up each morning!

Okay sometimes I need a little help getting up in the morning 😉

These helps get me hurdle though the day

These make me feel like my soul is free

When stuff like this comes home for school my souls smiles

I am so blessed 🙂 What are you thankful for this Holiday Season?

Poor Benner is either having an allergic reaction to something or has the chicken pox! As you can see chocolate and cartoons are making him feel better! Poor kiddo!

Thanks so much for stopping in! I am so thankful that I have so many wonderful readers of my blog, You all ROCK!


10 thoughts on “Thankful…”

  1. Gorgeous photos there!

    Hugs to you my friend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.

  2. Oh my! I discovered Coke Zero now that I’m back in the states and I’m totally addicted!!! I love it! The neon tights everyone’s wearing aren’t really my thing though. What’s up with the fashion???

  3. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving & that Brenner heals up quick–chocolate IS a blessing isn’t it!?!?!

  4. Benner…feel better my friend!!

    I am thankful for our friendship, Kim 🙂


  5. I’ve got to agree with you, friends and family are everything. I’ll add chocolate and coke anytime in the mix!!

  6. Lovely photos. Sorry about Ben. Hope he feels better soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Hope your Turkey day was great! I always like when you post from the heart! Obviously I’m no doctor…. looks like the Inkspot might have Fifths Disease. Sissy got that in kindergarten…. contagious…. but not serious.

  8. Such a beautiful post, K. So many wonderful reasons to be thankful. Sorry the inkspot is feeling low.

  9. what a wonderful post GF and I loved all the pictures hop Benner is feeling better and that your Thanksgiving was the best.

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