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I am going to be the first one to tell you that my life has been a little stressed lately! Ben has been having nightmares for a while now. Not sure what is causing them but I have started a sleep journal to see if we can find the triggers. Please send some happy thoughts our way that we figure out what is going on. My studio time has been really small since when you get NO sleep your not very creative.  Then of course we have Christmas stuff we are doing. Christmas has never been a fun filled holiday for me! As a kid my mom stressed over it and when into a manic state every single year. I was reading Carmen Torbus blog and she is having a Blissed out Holiday season.  Doing one thing of bliss everyday in December.

Yesterday we got snow but  not the 1 inch or so we were thought we were getting! But pretty snow. It really was big beautiful flakes when I was picking up the ink spots from school. All the kids were so excited running around and dancing! It was wonderful! Sam and I skipped back to the car to grab Benner from school so we could play outside for a little bit.

While we were playing outside I was looking for something I needed to return in my car. Couldn’t find it so I thought maybe it rolled under the front seat. Well, it didn’t but my art journal that been missing since October was! I was soooo happy! We thought we need  hot cocoa then art time!

“Bliss” 4 1/2 x 6 inches

The last thing of bliss for the night was tickle-fest. It was a great way to end a blissed out day!

Thanks for stopping in! Your comments make my soul smile!


6 thoughts on “Bliss”

  1. I hope you can have a blissed out holiday season! I know I jealously gaurd myself at Christmas. I’m not sure what it is but I REFUSE to get stressed. So I stress in November, making sure all my shopping is done before Thanksgiving, I assign stuff like pies to family who are coming to dinner. (I actually like cooking the rest) And I’m very careful not to overschedule my family.

    But still Christmastime can be a stressful time. I think I’ll take your lead and try to do something blissful every day.

    Love you Kim! Best of luck with Ben.

  2. Your art is awesome. I love the style you used. I hope you have a bliss Christmas. Knowing you, you will give the boys the best Christmas ever, and stop the turmoil that you had. I was 47 before I could put my childhood behind me–thanks to Donnie. I’m sorry about the dreams. Journalling should help.



  3. Love all the coloring on it! Hope you can figure out the nightmare part!

  4. You couldn’t be a true artist if you didn’t have something ‘dramatic’ in your past…. the one thing about stress around Christmas is that it is NOT unusual. Hopefully we can still learn from things in our past that are not always pleasant. Just think what fun you can make out of it, if you wish too!

    Have you looked further on WebMD or googled night terrors in children? Wishing you a better day!!!

  5. So sorry to hear about the nightmares. It’s gotta be tough on all of you. I’m sending out lots of happy sleepy thoughts to your house along with some holiday bliss. Your art page is fantastic and yahoo on finding the journal.

  6. Oh Ben! I hope those bad dreams head for the hills soon. Sending you guys much love and bliss from San Diego. 🙂

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