The bliss of a snowday

We finally got that snow. Man oh man did we get that snow! Close to 15 inches and it is still coming down. No school today and everything in town is closed down.  Nothing more blissful then a snow day!

Well, I better go get ready for sledding at Mall Hill. The drive is almost done! We are pretty lucky- Jeff stopped on his way home from work  (2 am) and plowed us out. That only left about 5-6 inches for Mr. Ink to do!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in!


9 thoughts on “The bliss of a snowday”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of snow you got!!
    Love the basket ring covered with snow 🙂

    The boys are having fun!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. HERE THIS AMERICA, I live in Canada and do not have snow. Canada does not have polar bears and igloos throughout our country. Kim has snow and I don’t. America has just as much snow as the average province gets. LOL.

  3. I hope you are happy now!!!! I guess your area got the brunt of the storm. My parents in Racine only got about 2″…. we got about 6″ here in Northern Illinois…. I’m sure this stuff will last on the ground now until March… just for Kim and her Inkspots to go sledding!!!!

    Great pictures! Take pictures today… blue sky… not that icky grey stuff!!!

  4. Oh wow, that’s a lot of snow. And it’s gorgeous. We got a bare dusting, and most of it was ice!Yuck!! Looks like the kids are having a great time.

  5. Wowza, did you ever get snow. Love the pics, but please keep it all there in WI. I need one of those handy machines I see Mr. Ink sporting there.

  6. Now THAT’S the type of picture I love….how beautiful!! Brrrrrrrrrr!

  7. AWESOME photos! Looks like you had a wonderful day! Don’t you just love winter???

  8. Beautiful photos, K!!! I’ll bet the boys had a good ole time playing!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  9. Fun fun fun I love these photo’s Kim and what fun the little Ink’s are having we just keep getting yukky rain I want snow. ;-(

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