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Slip into my world…

I have been very busy getting ready for Christmas. Finishing shopping and wrapping, making tags and ornaments.  A few years ago I started putting a handmade ornament on each gift I give. Everyone loves it. Tomorrow is Christmas with Grandma J and Poppy! So, tonight I was finishing up the wrapping!

Here is what the ornament  on Grandma J’s gift looks like:

Gosh, I love making those crystals!

In the mail a couple of weeks ago my friend Debbie sent me some of Teesha Moore’s Art& Life Magazines. Each night have I have been reading the articles in them. One talked about imaginary people and places. So, now I must confess- I am a Green Tree Person. Back in 8th and 9th grade my friend Dori and I called ourselves Green Tree People. We would leave notes for our home room teacher and cookies. I will never forget the day we got called down to the office just before Easter break. Mrs. K  had a whole box of goodies waiting for us!

I even saved one of her notes:

So, I did this journal page with fond memories of my favorite Spanish teacher and Dori!

Have a wonderful night! Good night from the Green top forest! LOL! Thanks for visiting!


5 thoughts on “Slip into my world…”

  1. What a cool story. I like your picture depicting your wonderful Green Tree life. The ornament of the ink spots is awesome. It will be well treasured.

  2. Such a fun and happy post! I like this! Being creative and doing RAK’s is such a cool thing! Have a great gift opening!

  3. Great story and love the art to go with it. Can’t believe you have all your holiday stuff done. I’m so behind. Have fun with your holiday celebration this weekend.

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