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What a journey….

I have been a very bad blogger lately! So sorry… I did not realize it had been so long. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Ours was really great, candle light Church service, give opening, Christmas dinner with family. This year we drew names to make a handmade gift for- I drew Benner 🙂

Here is his 8 x 10 “enjoy the journey”

On the 26th I head down to Rockford to the BFF’s for a long weekend! Mr. Ink is on vacation this week. Chels and I head to the windy city and did some major shopping. te he he

This is one the piece I got that turned into a studio update for me!

This book case is so ME! I love it! Thanks Chels for driving it all the way back home for me! So, now I am redoing my whole studio- organizing 🙂 Other than that been doing lots of family stuff. Lots of sledding going on, playing wii  and then a  pool party tonight! Tomorrow we are off to Chicago as a family should be fun!

Thanks for stopping in!


8 thoughts on “What a journey….”

  1. Where’d you go in Chicago? Cool piece…. did it come like that or did you make it look like that?

    Are you taking the train down?

  2. I love that picture for Ben … it’s so him … and the train along the bottom is great!

    I had the best time too! I love the look of your bookcase!!! It’s so you!

    Peggy – it came like that and we got it at IKEA … it was quite the deal too!

  3. Awesome project. I like how you took the picture at a unique angle. Wonderful background. Your shelf is awesome. Nice way to spruce up your happy place in life.

  4. Did you say pool party? I love the piece you made for your studio. So fun. Have a great 2010. It’s always exciting for me to see your talent grow. You amaze me, friend.

  5. Happy New Year! Love the book case and need a close up photo of that. Can’t really tell what the artwork is on it, but I need to know. LOL. Ben’s artwork is gorgeous. So glad you had a great holiday season.

  6. OMG GF this is so you love it fabulous piece of furniture also love the frame with the little INk in it.

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