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If you build it

Happy New Year’s everyone! I know it is all ready the 3rd of January! Our New’s start out with a bang….My FIL was taken by ambulance to the big city new years eve…looks like he is going to be ok.  He is home and doing well.  Also on New Years Eve- we went to the Museum of Science and Industry- about a 2 hour trip for us. I can honestly say it was an awesome time. The ink spots were so good! One the way home from the Museum Mr. Ink said we could stop at The Container Store. So, the boys were playing in the back seat so nice. Someone how Ben hit Sam in the face with Teddy (his stuffed animal) and it pulled Sam’s loose tooth right out! Sam keep thanking Ben and Teddy it was so cute!  Then we just have been busy enjoy family time! It is going to be hard to see everyone go back to work and school tomorrow!

Each New Year I pick a word for the year. If you remember last year it was achieve….well this year it is PAVE.

Here is a close up of the book case doors:

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and see me! So, are you all saying 20-10 or 2010????


7 thoughts on “If you build it”

  1. 20-10…. that’s what I’ve been hearing on the news. Glad you still enjoy going to the museum…. fun with little ink spots…. it was hard going with my teeny boppers…. love the doodle doors…. I know you can do this…. Kim’s doodle bookshelves! Awesome.

    Can’t wait for normal tomorrow!! Have a great day!

  2. oh the joy of getting back to normalcy!

    your hand matches your new bookcase .. LOL!!!

    Can’t wait to PAVE the way through 2010 (with you) … Happy New Year! (or CAVE .. LOL)

  3. Happy New Year Kim! It’s 2010 for me and I hope it’s a great year for all of us!

  4. 20-10! It just rolls off your tongue. Have a fantastic one, my friend. Hoping to stay in better touch this year. xoxo

  5. Your Pave piece is beautiful. I really, really love the colours on this one. You are very talented with this technique–a hard look to achieve. Cool hand! I’m saying 20-10 myself.

  6. Happy New Year Kim you are a nut is that your hand? Cool, and for me it is 2010 oh BTW love the colors in your art and the close up of your cabinet.

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