Two pot day

UGH, I can sooooo tell it is Monday! Not enough coffee in the world to help keep me awake today! I guess the weekend was just to much fun 🙂 My BFF Chelsea came down and we played in the studio. I had a great time- just coloring and making some simple cards! It was so relaxing!  Chels you differently are the cream in my coffee 🙂

All stamps TAC, colored with copics and white gel pen!

Happy Monday you all!

Thanks for stopping in!


6 thoughts on “Two pot day”

  1. Glad she is ‘differently” your cream! Hee hee!
    Oh it’s fun to be tired every once in a while, cuz you were having a good time….

  2. OMG girl these colors are awesome and I love your card I love coffee also makes me want one right now but to late 9 PM here

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