With it it being cold, snowy, icy, and icky outside I am not getting in all the walking in I do in the summer months!

Meet my new friend to help motivate me:

The cool thing about this pedometer is that it hooks up to your computer to help you track how you are doing! I find myself now running in place while watching for the microwave to be done! The Ink spots are always interested in how many steps I take! It has been lots of fun! 4 miles yesterday! My goal is 10 miles! SMILE!

Happy Hump Day! Thanks so much for taken the time in your busy day to seem me! Your comments brighten my day!


6 thoughts on “Growing”

  1. Hi K! What a GREAT idea!! Good for you for doing that!

  2. NO way! A) Your latest work is knocking my socks off. After we move in a coupla weeks, I solemnly swear to get brave enough to try a canvas. The colours on this are stunning & that message was made for me! B) I have a new friend just like yours (and one for DH)–Dr Oz show made me realize my Buddha Belly is poisoning the ol’ liver, so we got pedometers. C) 4 miles ROCKs! Best of luck & congrats in advance on making it to 10. Thanks for the multi-level inspiration!

  3. No way–I thought the catterpillar was doing the talking, but I see it’s you–LOL.

    Your background knocks my socks (and Crocs) off. You are talented my friend–talented!

  4. Wowza! This is an amazing art piece. It’s so organic and so vocal at the same time. Love it. Walk on with your bad self. I’m trying to step it up, too. Got the dogs out for 2 walks today.

  5. Rocking piece of art there GF maybe I need one of those pedometers it has been either to cold or wet here to walk and I miss it we have 53 acres we walk through.

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