ATC- Lofty and Co

Update: Lycos made it though surgery just find! Is starting to stand and doing pretty well! Hoping he will be sent home tomorrow! Will not know bone marrow results until next week sometime. Thank you for all your doggie prayers!

Today the youngest ink spot goes in for a CT scan of his sinus. Wish him luck! It is very scared about it!

Thanks for stopping in and your comments brighten my day!


7 thoughts on “Lucky”

  1. Good luck with Bens test. Poor kid just doesnt get a break does he? Glad to hear Lycos’ surgery went well. Amazing what animals can go through and just bounce right back! Hugs & Love!

  2. Poor Lyco. What an upset. Having a sick dog isn’t fun. How did Ben get along? Sending hugs. Your card is so funny. I like the giraffe.

  3. Funny ATC! Love the Irish giraffe! LOL Loved yesterday’s post card too! Good luck little Ben. Don’t be scared. I had that done a couple weeks ago, and it was easy and quick! It will be over before you know it! Hugs, Kiddo!

  4. Tell Ben I have to do the same thing next week. Sending him lots of hugs. So glad the pup is doing good. Love this adorable lucky giraffe.

  5. Hope Lyco is home and that Ben made out okay with the CT scan.
    Love your St Paddy’s day card that Giraffe is a hoot except I thought it was a goat. ;-0

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