Yellow Envelope Project

38 special!!!!

Today is my Birthday! Don’t you just love Birthday’s????? A day to celebrate you! I have been thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do for my 38th Birthday! I thought about 38 goals for the year…but was like heck I can’t even thinking of 10 goals let alone 38. Then, yesterday while reading Peggy’s blog … I was struck with what to do! The yellow envelope project!

The Yellow Envelope Project is a program specializing in the recognition of every day citizens who are working hard to make a difference in their corner of the world. Selection of Yellow Envelope Project honorees is reserved for those who work hard, but who otherwise would receive no recognition. This is your postman, your neighbor, your day care provider, a teacher, a classroom mom, the barista at your local coffee shop, or the coach who spends hours with your child. They are hard working people whose work makes the world a brighter place.

Of course, I can get out 38 cards this year! I am going to change it up to postcards! SMILE

Here is the first:

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great day! It is sunny and almost 50 degrees here! The perfect day! SMILE!


12 thoughts on “38 special!!!!”

  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Dear K! What a wonderful way to celebrate. I hope you have a beautiful day filled with special moments.

  2. Happy happy birthday:) Beautiful project:) Great idea:) Enjoy!

  3. YAY!! I love the first postcard!! So glad to have you on board Kim! You will be a great addition to the Yellow Envelope Project!

  4. Great idea with the postcards. Hope you had a triple AAA +++ birthday with a cherry on top!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Kim! Sorry I missed it! Love your post card idea!

  6. Love your post card GF and again a belated happy birthday hope your day was the best.

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