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come on get your silliness on….

I am currently taking Carla Sonheim’s online class The Art of Silliness. Thought it was just what the Doctor ordered with all the busy stress in my life right now! I am way way behind in the class. O’ well it is spring break here 🙂

One of the first assignments was to drawn this bird shape with non-dominant hand or with your eyes closed. I tried with my eyes closed and could not connect the lines. So, I went with my left hand and drew the birds!

I colored them with my trusty watercolor set 🙂

Then the oldest ink spots wanted to try his hand at the birds.

Thanks for stopping in! Happy Silly Day!


10 thoughts on “come on get your silliness on….”

  1. Dang girl, your nondominant hand birds rock! At first I thought it was fabric and I got super excited. You should consider ordering some of this through spoonflower.

  2. Did you paint with your left hand too? These look so ‘runningonink-ish’…. like you have a great handle on silliness! Very cool!

  3. Umm… I wish I could draw that well with my left hand lol. Well done my friend!

  4. OMG! This is amazing! You are ambidextuosly (sp?) talented!! This would make a wicked cool fabric. Wow!

  5. You draw better with your nondominant hand than I can with both hands and my eyes wide open. Amazing! Love the idea of a silly class. The birds are adorable. They should be stamps! I love Lesa’s fabric idea. What a fun apron or purse these cutie guys and girls would make. Call Moda!

  6. Ah, shoot, I forgot this part. Tell bug boy that I love love love his birds. So many great shapes and sizes just like in nature.

  7. Love how you’ve colored all those birds! Such a great design!

  8. Holy Cow GF I wish I could draw that well with my dominate hand love coming to your blog you are always doing such fun things.

  9. OMG. Thud. Sorry, I just fell on the floor. These birds are so cool. I LOVE the pretty watercolours. This is one fabulous piece!!!

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