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Happy Earth Day!

Supplies: All stamp Unity- Eco chic set, palette inks,Vintage textbook,  MS punch, scrappers floss,  vintage button, piece of a starbuck sleeve (recycle)l, colored with copics

If you know we at all you know I am “GREEN”. I do everything I can do reduce, recycle, re-use! My latest purchase that is helping me be GREEN is a Toddy Coffee maker. It uses no electricity to brew 🙂 The only down fall is it does take take 12 hours to brew BUT the coffee last up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator!

Hope you all have a wonderful Earth day! RECYCLE, REDUCE, RE-USE

Thanks for stopping in!


6 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!”

  1. This is so pretty…I love the coloring you did! Happy Earth Day!

  2. Love this card. Very cute tree.

    With the coffee… do it at night before you go to bed…. then it’s not like you are waiting 12 hours. If I finish my supply in the morning… then that night after the carafe has been washed…. I start brewing overnight and have it ready to transfer from Toddy maker to the first fresh cold brew of the day. HTH (I know the first one is so exciting to make…. my friend bought extra carafes and marks the decaf one )

  3. Your Earth Day card is absolutely gorgeous GF love the added button and the punched border.

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