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Getting by…

I know it is has been awhile since I have updated my blog! Bad bad blogger…

Ben had his surgery on Friday! It went well!  He is being a stinker and not taking his pain meds and then is a crab apple!

We got our community garden lot planted this weekend…well I should say Joe and Sam did! Ben and I went out for about 20 minutes and then came home.

While we were out at our garden. Ben was the official photography (SMILE). Here are a few of my favorites he took!

I did get to spend a little time in my studio. I made this little Birthday set!

Happy Monday Everyone! Thanks for stopping in!


4 thoughts on “Getting by…”

  1. LOL Atlest he looks happy in this one photo! Well the boy sure is strong. I wish him a speedy recovery and that we can kick this sinus/nasal problem in the butt!

  2. I’m sending Ben a tiny hug. I hope he gets better soon and this is all a dim memory soon. That’s an adorable bday set. Love the garden photos. You’ll be eating good stuff before you know it.

  3. Ahh, poor Ben, bet he enjoyed being photographer though–he took some great pics! Looks like you guys have been busy over the last few days!

  4. Hey Ben those are some awesome pictures you did good little guy, and mommy love your birthday sets I love that little cake going to have to give this a try.

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