Put your best foot forward

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone had a good Memorial Weekend (for all of us in the USA)! We had a pretty good weekend! I did not take one photo the whole weekend! Can’t believe it!

We are still dealing with Ben and his sinus issues. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully the sinus infection is gone! He gets up every morning with a swollen face and eye! He is in much better spirits! Still not eating great 😦 Today is his last day of Pre-K. They have a big picnic at a local park to mark the end of school!  I will show pictures of teacher gifts tomorrow.

I have been working on many things lately! So, the good news I have lots to show you! Okay and a few things going on that is  a secret for right now too 😉

Today,  I am going to show you the cement stuff. This is the time of year when I am outside more than inside. So, last year I started doing some mosaics. Well, I found this book at the library on making stuff out of cement and then we all know how that turned out! SMILE

My first rustic cement planter made out of a basket.

Then a little cement ladybug to go on my little yellow boots!

Cement mushrooms are in the works as we speak! SMILE!!!!

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping in to visit me! Your comment warm my heart!


3 thoughts on “Put your best foot forward”

  1. Sorry to hear about poor Ben!But I love your cement work..very creative!

  2. Holy Cow GF what clever planters you have there I just love how your brain works so much talent.

  3. I’m so behind lately. Love these boots all planted up and your cement work is awesome.

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