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End of the line…

Yesterday was Ben’s last day of PJ4 (Like Pre-K paid for by the school board). This school year has had lots of ups and downs.

I thought I would share with you some of the interesting thing Ben did at school this year.

– Two weeks into school they have a class meet and greet for the Parents and kids. We go and everyone is like Hi Ben- Hi Ben… Seems everyone knows Ben’s name! I am like OH NO…everyone always knows the naughty kid in class! Then Taylor’s Mom comes up to me and says Hi I am _____… and I know all about Ben! I am like ummm is that a good or bad thing! Bracing myself…..she tells me how Taylor has a crush on Ben and how all the girls in the class think he is a “hottie”!

– Ben vomited in Taylor’s hair ( She no longer has a crush on him). They both got sent home from school!

– He cut his Halloween Costume off after the parade they did. His teacher told them all to get their costumes off. If they could not do it  she would be around to help them. I guess he got sick of waiting and the one piece GI Joe costume he cut the arms and crotch out of. As you can image I had many questions for the teacher when picking him up.

– At Ben’s school they have a closet with a window on one side and a mirror on the other side. They use this so the parents can see how their child acts/learns.  So on my day, I am in this closet watching. They play a song at clean up time. Ben had cut paper up to make confetti. So his teacher sends him to the closet to get the broom. Not remembering I am in the closet. Ben opens the door and I jump out and yell surprise..since I am unsure what to do. Ben was like MAMA what you doing in there! So, the next day at school he goes to the closet… and tells me no one was in the closet today…next day he does to the closet….He says  guess who was in the closet…Mia’s Mom and Dad! LOL! Then Ben was not allowed to check in the closet anymore!

– Conference time: Ben scores at Kindergarten level on most areas and  1st-2nd grade level on a couple of areas.

– I am at the Post Office and this little girl comes up to me and said “You look like Ben’s Mom” I tell her that I was and her Mom tells me how much her daughter loves Ben.

– Ben’s first day back after missing a week of school for  his sinus surgery. Illeana and Willow run up and hold his hands as he heads on to the playground!A girl on each arm

-Ben’s end of year report card- comment from his teacher “Ben is a bright boy full of potential”

Now for the teacher gifts. He had one teacher and two helpers.

The packaging.

Front of card

inside the card

I am so proud of how much Ben has learned and grew this year! I am going to miss him in the fall when he is gone all day!

Thanks for stopping in today!


6 thoughts on “End of the line…”

  1. Oh Kimmy I just loved reading this put such a big smile on my face sounds like some of the things my DGS would do.
    So so cute and the closet thing what a hoot.

  2. Ahahahah! That boy may be a heartbreaker one day, Kim. watch out! 🙂

  3. What fabulous stories! The closet story had me howling! Get prepared Mom, next year Ben will be getting love notes. What a sweetie!

  4. What a kid! Remember to hold him tight or he’ll be 17 like my Bubba!

  5. Wonderful wonderful wrap up of the year. Thanks for sharing it with your beautiful story telling. Love the jumping out of the closet part 🙂

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