Fly Free

So how was everyone’s weekend? Mine was good.  Mr. Ink worked Saturday and then on Sunday him and Miss College Ink went on a motorcycle ride  to Iowa with a group from his work. They had a good time but got a little wet!

I took the boys on a nature walk. One of our favorite things to do!

As you can see we found some insects and some pretty weeds! SMILE!

Here is the finished Bat boomarang!

It is hanging in my studio! Thank again Mary! I love it!

Two more days of school! WOO HOO! Yes, I think I am excited as they are! LOL!

Thanks for stopping in!Your comments ROCK MY WORLD!


7 thoughts on “Fly Free”

  1. Hi K! Hope you and the boys have a GREAT summer-enjoy sweetie!!!


  2. I always enjoyed walks with the kids and we now do it with the grandkids. That bat is amazingly awesome!! Summer is almost here!

  3. School finish early! we have 2 weeks left here.
    The boomrang is too cool

  4. I LOVE it Kim! Great job. I can’t wait to show it to Chris. I just got back from vacation so I was checking in. Come see my vaca pics on my studio blog if you’d like. :O)


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