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Schools OUT!

Today is Sam’s last day of school for the SUMMER! I think I am just as excited as he is! SMILE!

Last night we were going to camp out but it was raining! So, we set the tent up in the front room!

Ben got to sleep in it last night! Tonight,  Bug boys turn!

I am so proud of Sam he has worked really hard this year!

Sam take on Vincent Van Gogh- Sunflowers! I love this piece and will be framing it and putting it up in my family room!

I have been working on some more charms out of clay!  A rose and star pendant!

This charm is for my next theme in my Chamster’s group!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “Schools OUT!”

  1. So much goodness here….LOVE how Sam incorporated his name into his Van Gogh…LOVE your tent and LOVE your rose pendant!

  2. Color everywhere! Have a fun summer, it’s just the beginning of a new adventure!

  3. I’d say there is another artist in the family doing fab work. The frog tent is so funny–LOL.

    Gosh, your charms are indeed amazing. The top one really speaks to me.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Happy summer vacation! The tent is perfect and I’m in love with your rose pendant. So much depth of color and luminescence. Van Gogh would be proud of the likeness of his masterpiece.

  5. Your son’s sunflowers make me want to cry. They are so amazing. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes for all your happy creations, tj in germany

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