Help me I am melting….

This week has turned into a very busy one.  Sam had an eye appointment that ended up taking two hours. He needs glasses, so we are hunting down the perfect frames since our eye doctor only had one pair of boys glasses in stock. UGH . Then the boys and I made a trip to the Mad City to pick up my pendant from the class on took on Saturday with Miss College Ink and Miss Jenni.

This is tack fused.  Signed up to take another fusing class in a little over a week! OMG, this is so addicting and fun!

What else have I been working on??? That big panel! It is coming along nicely! SMILE!!!

Happy Friday! Thanks for coming by to visit!


3 thoughts on “Help me I am melting….”

  1. glass fusing souncs like a blast. I know you’ll have a ton of fun. Enjoy your summer boys.

  2. Oooh, that’s so cool and it looks like it has a big “bell” on it. I have a solid silver bangle necklace and a few things I slide onto it. I have a long horn cattle head, a gorgeous aqua colored teardrop stone that is laid in silver, and a new charm that looks like a small version of a cowgirl belt buckle. (It’s a long horn cattle head in the middle with swirls around it) I’m always looking for pieces with a big enough bell that it will slide on my necklace….perhaps I can commission you to make me something!?

  3. Ooh ahhh! This looks like fused glass. I lovey love love it. Gorgeous.

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