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If you have wings

Yesterday it was an icky hot humid day with storms. Benner and I  got all silly! He  did my hair and I did his hair!  Shhhh don’t tell Mr. Ink!!!  SMILE! Photo taken by Mr. Sam

We went to the dollar store and I found this wooden heart with wings!

Side One

Side two

Supplies- watercolors, ebony pencil, sewing stuff, vintage papers. and bees wax!

Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s day weekend! Thanks for stopping in!


7 thoughts on “If you have wings”

  1. Cute photo! And what a find with that heart. You awesomely altered it!!!!

  2. Very cute…. you found the heart already with wings? That stuff is so in!!!!!! Love the do! hair do!!!!

  3. great hair do’s! your heart came out awesome!! you just never know what you’ll find at the $ store

  4. Great do’s on both of you! Love the heart with wings. You do such amazing work with hearts, I think it’s your best shape 🙂

  5. OMG, thud. That is one terrific piece of art. Gosh you are so talented. I love the shape, those buttons, the wings–everything. You go girl!

  6. GORGEOUS K!!! Love your special touches you made!!! Cute photo of you 2 🙂

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