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Another Try…

So, here I am with my second attempt at a person!

I feel I am getting better! I am not so freaked out to be working in an 11 x 14 journal! I do need to order some single flesh color watercolor crayons!But, the main things is I having a ball playing!

Hope your week was fun! We had an early Birthday Party for Sam with his classmates! Tons of FUN was had!

Sam sitting on the pumpkin that Poppy craved for him! It totally ROCKS and so does POPPY!

The family!

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping in to visit!


7 thoughts on “Another Try…”

  1. Love your family photo-adorable you!!!
    WOW-your painting is incredible, I wish I could paint faces!!! Great job!!!

  2. Hey Kim- have you ever been to Kelly’s blog

    she does a lot of faces like your image.
    you might find inspiration, but I think
    you are doing great!

  3. I have to say that you are really ( “[;p]-=]) doing well if this is only number 2. In fact, number one was amazing also! I have two new puppies and one just loves to watch the computer screen. She made a dive at the little monster dude by Julie Pritchards comment and in doing so left her own comment. I didn’t want to erase since she is a follower in her own right, so Lana wrote what appears in parenthesis above. I think it’s positive! You are really stretching this year: working big, people and I am sure a dozen other things. You brave woman you! I am training two puppies. Five months old and already mastering computer!

  4. Wow, lots of goodness about this post. Your journal page is awesome. Love the big face and hair. You rock at these pages. The carved pumpkin is cool–just like the Ink family.

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