A few weeks ago I head up to Mad City for a bead making class! I have to say it was the most fun I have had in a long time! I was not sure what to expect at first! You know working with a torch and all! OMG- it is great mediation! COMPLETE ZEN!

I picked up my beads yesterday! It was a mini class- so it was cheap and we only got to make 4 beads!

Now they are not perfect beads but I love them all!

First flamework bead ever- my teacher told me it was much better than her’s! SMILE

I tried to make a leave on this one! Do you see it???

This was my last bead! It was perfect! All nice an round, BUT ( you know that is not good when you have to say BUT) it got stuff on the mandrel and we had to hit it with a hammer- so this is only half the bead! I am hoping to grind it down and use it on something!

What new things have you tried?

Thanks for stopping in! I enjoy your comments so much!


6 thoughts on “Flamework”

  1. What fun that would be!!! Glad you enjoyed it-I love classes. Your beads turned out great!!!

  2. So cool! I love that you used really really hot stuff to make it. Scares the heck out of me, so I really admire you! Way to go.

  3. your beads are beautiful GF I really love the colors in the last one.

  4. Oh my heavens! These beads are totally awesome! I’m so sorry the one bead got stuck. While taking pottery classes a number of my bowls got stuck because the glaze was defective (why it wasn’t picked up before–it came in a garbage can size vat). Sad day for both of us.

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