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Well, who knew that life would get so busy with two boys in school??? I thought I would have all this free time? WRONG!  OH my heavens….the homework and spelling words! YIKES!!!!  Then of course it is basketball season! WINK WINK! The days and nights fly.

I did make another mixed media pendant:


Remember that bead that got stuck on the mandrel? This is what I did with it!

Last and finally his is my WIP- I am not sure what it needs but it needs something?!?


Thanks for stopping in! Have a wonderful night!


5 thoughts on “WIP”

  1. How clever of you to use your bead that way. Your pendents are gorgeous. The top one is to die for. You really rock at jewelry my friend. Gorgeous painting. Your work is stunning. Keep up the good work GF!

  2. Beautiful pendants Kimmy and I am so glad you were able that one I liked so much so clever.

  3. I love your pendent! And your painting with the butterflies is gorgeous. Lots of texture in your background. Lovely! Thanks for visiting me and nice to meet you.

  4. Words…it needs some words. Gorgeous work all the way around. Love the rich colors you use in everything.

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