The Sketchbook Project 2011

Part two-Sketchbook Project

Here are the rest of my pages:

It was hard to send my book off in the end! I really loved making the pages! I can’t wait until this summer when the book are on tour. They will be in Chicago which is the closest place to me, and for sure I will going to see them!

Did you have a favorite page? I know I have many and so do the ink spots! SMILE!

Thanks for all your kind words! See you tomorrow for Week two of Project Life Journal!


7 thoughts on “Part two-Sketchbook Project”

  1. Kim this was just fantastic! I loved the whole thing. A couple questions about your process if you don’t mind. You said that the whole book was made up of found items which is very cool, but I am wondering where you started. Did you just start looking for found items and put them together? Did you have your poem first, break it down in phrases and them compose a page based on how the phrase was speaking? I am just curious how you set about pulling this together? Also, maybe silly questions, but how big is it and how long did it take you to pull together? Thanks for indulging me or I’m okay if you ignore me!

  2. Awesome pages. My favourite one is the swan and I think it’s because it is in my colour scheme, and the photo of the swan is so peaceful.

  3. This is just amazing! You are so talented, Kim! Thank you for sharing these lovely projects with all of us!

  4. You are unbelievably talented my friend. I adore that you included grocery lists. You are a visionary. I hope it travels someplace I can see it. Off to check the schedule.

  5. OMG thank god for Claude glad he scared away that old cat……Gf your whole book is awesome I have to say I loved every page.

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