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Right now, I am feeling a little lost a little off. Something are starting to pile up on me and I am doing the best,  I can to let them go. I can’t change them. Which is so hard for me.  I’m looking for that ZEN!

I did make a Valentine card

Started a big painting

Did an art lesson with the ink spot. Working with mixing colors, textures and shapes

Hoping to finish off this big painting this week! What plans does everyone have for this week?

Thanks for stopping in! Your comments warm my heart


8 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. Hi there! Looks like you could use some blog love! I am just about to go to bed finally because my first set of plans (get the bible study out of the way so you don’t stay up all night trying to finish) for the week didn’t go according to, well, plan! I finished a small canvas this weekend, that I started in this mixed media on canvas class I’m taking. So I have to start a second tonight. My theme tonight I decided will be Steampunk. The one I finished was Mary Poppins. And I have two Asian swap projects started that I should have had done so long ago it is embarrassing. I think I figured out how I can do the thing that was holding me up so maybe I can move forward now. That’s about it. Smile and know that you make one person very happy with you ready doses of inspiration. Have a good one!

  2. You’d think in that novel I wrote that I would have covered everything, but no, I hit post and then I think “shoulda asked her what the deal is with the buddha. I get the zen think, but is this a photo or painting or what? Just curious. Thanks for the info.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. You are so creative with your kids! I wish I would be as good as you for teaching mine art! No big plan for the week… a lot of medical appointment with the family. For nothing big but will keep us busy for sure!

  4. Thinking of you sweetie and your heart will soar again, I just know!!! You give so much love to everyone. Hugs to you, Tami

  5. I’m so very sorry you are having a rough patch in your life. Sending you hugs and kisses my friend.

    Your card is adorable. So you.

    I’m in LOVE with your painting. Congratulations for FINALLY doing one. You know I love your work. I look so forward to seeing the finished product.



  6. OMG K!!!! A painting that is of an owl. AMAZING. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Hoping some zen has come your way.

  7. Sending love and peaceful wishes. Balance isn’t an easy state to stay in, but it’s a great place to aspire to.

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