Mini Album


When we learn something new, we need to practice to get it right! It takes us a long time as kids to learn to write and tie our shoes. So, why would art be any different???? Somethings come so easy  and others…..well not so much.  So when given a project – do you take the easy way? or do you work on a skill that you need to improve on? Do you at least attempted the skill before you go the easy way?

Well, I took the hard way for the projects,  I needed to complete.

A mini scrapbook  ( 2 1/2 inches by 5 inches) with a drawing on the cover!


Is it the best ? – maybe not- but did I get some practice in? Yeppers, and that makes me feel good!  Anyone practicing some new skills?

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy this HUMP day!



2 thoughts on “Practice”

  1. This is soooo cute! It’s sooooo you! Have fun tomorrow. You will rock!

  2. Great article. I love your commentary just as much as I enjoy your art. How cool to make a booklet. I love what you did with it too! Your rock GF.

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