WOW, what a week this has been! Busy little bee, I have been! It’s good to stay busy but also nice to stop and smell the roses too! If I could only find that happy medium! LOL! Okay, anyways….

….. I spent a little time making some more pendants this week!

Hope everyone got lots of fun stuff done this week!  Enjoy the weekend! Thank so much for taking time to comment! It brights my day!


8 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. the ears on the squirrel gave me a big grin. I know I’ve seen that image someplace before, but I can’t place it. Beautiful work.

  2. Awesome work. It has bee a while since you worked on pendents. You always rock them!

  3. So, this is one of those catch up comments like when I haven’t seen your blog in a while and then I stop by and am totally wowed by everything that I see. I love the way you do spring. The birds, the butterflies, everything.

    And, I always love the way that you do Halloween too so I guess you work both sides of the spectrum perfectly. True talent 🙂

  4. Happy Medium… ha ha…….the pendants are so fun. They look so intricate. Fanstastic…. what’s next?

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