Happy Friday everyone, Happy Good Friday (if that’s your thing) and Happy Earth Day! Also, Happy Birthday to my sweet little niece Kate!

Everyday is Earth day to me 🙂 but I have a couple of project’s to show you that are “GREEN”.

My first piece 3 x 3 inches. Is an abstract painting. I used layers of handmade paper scraps on a base of a coaster (from outback steak house…shhhhh)

“Ocean Bottom”

Next,  the boys wanted to get in on the “green” action so we made these treat holders. What do you think they are made out of???? Toilet paper rolls of course.  They are fun and easy to make.

The one on the left I made, the one on the right Sam made!

This has to be one of my favorite “green” ideas- CHECK IT OUT!!!!! I am so making one of these!

What are you doing to help our Earth??? Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in!


5 thoughts on “Reduce”

  1. OMG Kim, your ocean bottom ROCKS. You are such a PROFESSIONAL. I’m going back to grab and coffee and will come back to stare at it some more. You need to sell these GF.

  2. I told you I’d be right back after grabbing another coffee. Get that Etsy site up and running again.

  3. Your ocean bottom is gorgeous. Love all the textures. I need to remember the tp sour cream containers for the kids at work. Sam totally rocked his project!

  4. gorgeous Ocean Bottom Kim I am going to be a little different I see a brick wall at the ocean bottom.
    That is so clever with the toilet paper rolls would have never thought of that one you and those boys are so smart.

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