Word it Wednesday

That was the theme yesterday. It turned it to a very busy day, so here I am posting on Thursday!

The boys learned how to make bubble letters. They could write whatever they wanted!

Then,  they said to me since it is all about writing today “I think we need to make some paper to write on” How could I argue with that- plus it was raining! We made 10 sheets of handmade paper. We will be using at a later date (I have something special planned with it).

Then while we were on the recycling kick with the paper. I had to make a pendant. I actually made 5 different pendants yesterday and this was the one the boys liked best! I love how they share my feelings on recycling! SMILE!!!!

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy your day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Word it Wednesday”

  1. Wonderful note. You must’ve been thrilled with the bubble letter development. You’re like Super Artist Mom (I’d do flips to see how artistic your cape is) 😉 Thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. Wow, did you ever have a busy day. Your homemade paper is very unique and interesting. Your necklace is awesome. You come up with so many creative ways to decorate your pendents.

  3. How FUN is all of this! Some day when you get ‘tired’ of the kids artwork, incorporate it in your art… or keep all the pictures and make a dvd (in case there is a storage issue). Love the paper…. reminds me I should make some more too… with seeds and fiber mixed through it! The pendants are terrific…. cre8tive days!!!

  4. Awesome paper you made! I have rose petals gathered for mine…
    Your boys are quite artistic and lovable 😀

    ( Btw, my younger is Sam, too 😀 )

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