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End of the week

We have made it though the first week of summer vacation with all smiles and fun. The daily themes have been super fun for the boys (and me). They can hardly wait to find out what the days theme is going to be.

Yesterday was Triangle Thursday-

The art work:

Then we played tri-dominoes. We all had so much fun with that! So far Ben, thinks Triangle Thursday has been the best day of the week! SMILE!

Yesterday, I got a little studio time too!

Rolled flower pin and hair clip

This is done on a scrabble tile- so you can wear the letter or picture side! How cool is that!!!!

Another piece on my new bases! Love these bases!

Well, today is FORT Friday! We will be building forts today. Then of course we have to finish up some Father’s Day gifts! SMILE!

Have a great Father’s Day weekend!


5 thoughts on “End of the week”

  1. Ha! I love the themes too..what a great idea…long live fort Friday!!

  2. Yay, awesome cards you’re making with your boys, their drawings are super cute. Love the rolled flower in this post, so pretty! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!

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