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As I was browsing blogs I came across iHanna’s blog, where she was talking about her summer project Index Card a day. You do something anything to one little index card a day. Well, heck the boys and I have been working 4 x 6 inces- (which yes is a large index card) but they said – they wanted to switch to the 3 x 5 inch standard index card.  The deadline to play was June 16th but they said they still want to do it so we are ( Official or not) 🙂

We headed off to the dollar store and got two packages of index cards. A colored pack and a white package. First thing this am- everyone flew downstairs to get started. Here is what we all came up with.




I would like to introduce a new line of items for my Farmer’s Market Booth.

Shelf Spots- A little framed art work for shelf or desk or whatever you want  🙂

2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches “Watch and Learn”

Chagall wants to wish you all a sleepy Saturday. My guess is it in his bed for the day! LOL!


4 thoughts on “ICAD”

  1. This should be a fun adventure! 🙂 Cannot wait to see the other days 🙂

  2. Things a day always intimidate me…but it sure is nice to see a big stack of something when you are finished! Looking forward to seeing you guys build that stack. 🙂

  3. I think index cards are going to be fun. I LOVE your new market ware. You should sell this immediately. I love the framing of your art.

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