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Be you (series-1)

I think one of the hardest things in life is to “be you” embrace who you really are….except that and do your best! Sometimes to “be you” means your artist style…sometimes it means how you look at life…it means so many powerful things.

Here is  Series 1 of “Be you”

NO one wanted to give up on Monster Monday….I tried to do Mouse Monday but all the kids wanted to make monsters! LOL!

Left to right: Morgan, Sam, Ben and Me

Summer school and swim lessons are in full swing. The boys are loving both 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping in to visit! Your kind comments mean a lot to me!


7 thoughts on “Be you (series-1)”

  1. So your charms are the size of scrabble pieces? Lovely display stand! I wish my kids were going to summer school!!! You can make a mouse monster… variations of the same theme…. I like to be me…. just wish there were more people around me who liked to be silly and carefree, fun and whimsical… life is too short to always be soooo serious!! :0)

  2. These are SO CUTE!! I love looking at the series all together..well done! xx

  3. Your pics are all eye candy, Seeing your art pieces on a scrabble holder really makes the size of your art in better appreciation. I love all your work. It’s nice to see you are being “who you are.” I cannot be “who I am” for several reasons. TFS.

  4. What a great collection, Kim!
    Again, I admire the layout and the thoughts behind each one-

    The monsters are sooo cool 😀

  5. Your charms are lovely GF and your the bestest mom ever the fun the little guys are having with you this summer

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