ICAD- week one

Index-Card-A- Day,  week one is complete- June 16-22

I had a great time working with the different paints on the index cards….I can tell you that the colored index cards are much thicker than the white ones. Had to iron the white to get them flat again! SMILE!

Thanks for stopping in! Another rainy icky day here in WI, so the boys and I are off to the studio before swim lessons! SMILE!


6 thoughts on “ICAD- week one”

  1. Gf gorgeous art you just keep whipping them out and please send me some rain.

  2. Gorgeous pieces of work, K. I know I could take some advice on those cards. 😉

  3. And I suppose you got all these done in one hour. OMGosh, these are over-the-top wonderful. Each one is so unique. You rock my world GF!

  4. I so much like the way you use the texts in your art! And wow, a finnish text, too 😀

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