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Butterfly kisses

We are home from being on vacation for a week (boy oh boy that go fast). It was hard to come home 😦  Something about spending time out in nature that mends a broken soul, makes a happy soul soar, and gives hope to a soul that needs it. Exit 89 thank you for the memories!!!!

Much of the week the boys spent chasing butterflies….

Here is my necklace- butterfly kisses

butterfly- vintaj, lamp work bead made by me, collage mine

Hope you all had a great week! Starting Monday, I will  be sharing more art from vacation and photos! Lots of good stuff 🙂

Thanks for stopping in to visit 🙂


6 thoughts on “Butterfly kisses”

  1. Wow! Beautiful! Love your bead and collage. I wanna learn to lampwork someday!!! Kerry

  2. Hi Kim- lovely pendant as usual….I really like the black and white area on the bottom right.

  3. Wowza. Thud. Another beauty. Every one of your jewlerry pieces are so different. Love them all!

  4. What a charming charming pendant, this one too! You’re greatly admired ;-D
    Many friendly greetings!

  5. Love this one too! Like an art journal page around one’s neck. Jealous!

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