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Butterfly kisses

We are home from being on vacation for a week (boy oh boy that go fast). It was hard to come home 😦  Something about spending time out in nature that mends a broken soul, makes a happy soul soar, and gives hope to a soul that needs it. Exit 89 thank you for the memories!!!!

Much of the week the boys spent chasing butterflies….

Here is my necklace- butterfly kisses

butterfly- vintaj, lamp work bead made by me, collage mine

Hope you all had a great week! Starting Monday, I will  be sharing more art from vacation and photos! Lots of good stuff 🙂

Thanks for stopping in to visit 🙂


6 thoughts on “Butterfly kisses”

  1. What a charming charming pendant, this one too! You’re greatly admired ;-D
    Many friendly greetings!

  2. Love this one too! Like an art journal page around one’s neck. Jealous!

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