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Ineffable Peace

Do you have a place that you go that makes you feel at ineffable peace? The “magical pine forest” was one of those places for us. We spend two hours walking around the 22 acre pine forest after a rain storm one night. It was magical. The sounds, the calmness, the peace. I miss it all ready.

Here is the necklace, I made after our walk.


Here is an attempt at writing  a poem. They say writing calms the soul….

My mind

As I feel the warmth of the sunshine on my back, my mind starts to ease.

After hearing the sweet melody of the cheerful birds, my mind starts to forget all my troubles.

As I watch the elegant butterflies float though the air, my mind starts to envelop all the beauty I can see.

After I stop to the smell the fragrant wild flowers, my mind is engrossed with only happiness.


Thanks for stopping in to visit your comments bring so much joy to my soul!


6 thoughts on “Ineffable Peace”

  1. You multi-talented thing 😀
    Everything on your blog is beautiful, you’re a lovable person, Kim!

  2. Art, photography, jewelry, now poetry. There is nothing Kim can’t do!

  3. Everybody said it ‘all’ above! But aint it great to dabble in all the arts… makes you wonder when people say…. I can’t even draw a straight line… or, I CAN’T do that….. quit saying can’t and try… well, maybe they don’t really want to…. more craft supplies for us!!!!

    Thanks for all your kind words when you stop by my blog. I appreciate them so!!!

  4. A woman of many talents. Your poem is beautiful and i can see how inspiring your walk in the woods was. It sounds like you have found an inner peace. Your necklace is gorgeous. Stunning actually.

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