Photography, Treat bags/boxes


One of my favorite things about Halloween is doing boo bags with my boys! The laughing and out and out silly that I get to share with them priceless!

Today, we delivered half our boo bags! Tomorrow we will finish them up!

The boys cut, colored and put together each boo basket/bag! They did awesome!

Ms. Morgan was over and wanted to help me edited photos. So,  here is the Halloween edition of Benner playing his new game – Angry birds-Knock on Wood.

Sunday, we will be craving our pumpkins! I can’t wait! Do you have fun things you do at Halloween?

Thanks for taking the time to stop in an visit!


3 thoughts on “BOO”

  1. I love these I think you should come boo me. I voice texted this 🙂

  2. The Boo bags were so cute and full of yummy treats! Thank you for thinking of us, Kileigh was so happy and excited about the little game. Love you!

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