i heart macro

WOW, what a week is all I can say! I was lucky enough to get many nature walks in this week! One with my talented SIL- Tracey and two with my boys. The boys and I did some explore at a new place in IL. Can’t wait to go back 🙂

Here are some of favorite shots from the week. I know a couple of the photos are not macros but I wanted to share anyways!

3 signs that life is going to be okay!

Thanks you so much for taking a look at my photos! Hope you have a wonderful week!


20 thoughts on “i heart macro”

  1. Those are GREAT!!! So many great things to see and capture on nature walks!

  2. stunning photos, your shots of the birds are wonderful….and the one of the branch/root…looks like its being held by thousands of tiny fingers…..

  3. Love each and every one of them. I love the “fingers” on the branch, the heart shaped rock is amazing. I hope you kept that! I am so jealous you guys saw a bat! Maybe next time we go it will be there? I wish I had as nice of a shot of the red bellied woodpecker. What a beautiful bird. Cant wait for our next adventure!

  4. Those are beautiful. You have a great eye. I just adore the first few shots of the birds.

  5. What a lovely assortment of the birds …and the macro heart stone.

  6. So beautiful! I especially loved the birds and the heart-shaped rock. Lovely.

  7. The bird shots are beautiful! That’s great that you’ve gotten to take so many nature walks lately.

  8. Yes, I love the birds too! Even the “creepy crawlies” are nice…but they leave me feeling a little, well, creepy and crawly! (Shiver…) 🙂

    Great photos!

  9. Hello, K!!! Sorry so MIA lately 🙂 I love your photos, especially that precious bat sleeping! Hope you had a fun Halloween and have a wonderful Thanksgiving month too 🙂 Hugs to you,

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